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This job posting is no longer active on and therefore cannot accept online applications.


Customer Service-Military

Top Performing Relocation/Moving Company

is looking for a highly motivated person to grow with our fast growing company.

We have a customer service position open immediately and are looking for candidates to join our team of excellence! Dedication to excellence and fun are required! This is an entry level position to grow within a fast growing company that has continued to grow through the down economy. We are looking for talented indiciduals to join out award winning team!

Responsibilities include:

Data Entry, Customer Management, Invoicing and Rating, Having Fun!

To inquire, please email your resume and we will be having a select group called in to do an initial interview and fill out an application. We will then go through a series of interviews to narrow the candidates down to a final selection. The entire process is slated to take less than 21 days.

Please send your resumes in right away as we will begin the process.

To Apply:
1. You must email a copy of your current resume.
2. You must come in person to fill out an application at our facility.
3. You must bring your Social Security Card & State Identification or Drivers License
4. Must have a clear background.
5. When you Apply please mention to the person that gives you the application that you are applying for the customer service position.
6. Please note on the application that you are applying for the customer service position.
7. Provide a Resume with the application for review.

Our address:
17275 Green Mountain Road
San Antonio, TX 78247

We will be accepting applications and resumes through 2/2/2013 at which time we will begin interviews immediately for those that are deemed qualified.

Ward North American, its affiliates and subsidiaries, is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. As an successful contractor to various subsidiaries of the U.S. government, including but not limited to the General Services Admin. and Dept. of Defense, all openings and appointments are designated as security sensitive positions. Active recruitment extends only until such time as the positions advertized are filled -- Ward will make every attempt to stop solicitation immediately after job closure."


  • Location: San Antonio, TX



Ward North American 
Document ID: A7034-0PLI  
Job Type:  Regular

Job Schedule: Full-time

Posted on: 01/24/2013
Will not pay relocation expenses
Hourly Wage: $10.00 -- $15.00